UV laser marking machine

The UV laser marking machine is characterized by its unique low-power laser beam, which is suitable for ultra-fine processing in the high-end market, and the marking surface of cosmetics, drugs and food polymer packaging bottles. The effect is very good,
(1) Compared with the traditional inkjet printing process, the UV laser marking machine has the advantage of non duplication;
(2) Without consumables, the laser will notify the photoelectric conversion effect;
(3) The laser beam diameter is small, the consumption of processing materials is small, and lettering can be used. The minimum word height is 0.3 mm and the minimum word width is 0.03 mm;
(4) UV laser marking machine is a low power and high cost cold source laser. It can be used to print non-metallic materials. Usually used for engraving thermal sensitive materials. 
(5) UV laser marking machine is suitable for materials with wide processing range, high efficiency and low power consumption.
(6) Due to the small freezing point and small heat affected zone, ultra-fine marking can be carried out with ultraviolet laser, which is the first choice for customers with high marking requirements. 
(7) In addition to copper materials, UV lasers are widely used to process materials.
(8) It not only has good beam quality and small focus, but also can realize ultra-fine marking.
(9) Wide application range; The heating surface is active and small, and will not produce thermal effect, and will not cause material combustion problems. 
(10) Fast marking speed and high efficiency; Stable performance, small size and low power consumption.
 Application of UV laser marking machine
(1) Suitable for surface marking and microporous processing of glass and polymer materials;
(2) It is widely used for marking polymer materials of packaging bottles (boxes), such as food, medicine, cosmetics, wires, etc.; (3) Flexible PCB, LCD display, TFT marking, cutting;
(4) Removing metallic or non-metallic coatings;
(5) Micro hole and blind hole processing of silicon wafer;

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