Plate tube integrated laser cutting machine

Tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine .It is a high-tech equipment integrating laser technology, numerical control technology and precision machinery technology.
Cypcut control system
-Which can realize intelligent layout of graphics,automatically choosing and matching cutting paths,  save processing time
2.Laser Source
Famous Brand Raycus / Maxphotonics
-Solid state laser lasts over 50,000hrs; Various power options of 1000w,1500W,2000W,3000W etc
3.Auto focusing
Capacitive Auto-height adjusting Raytools cutting headCutting Head
-Focal point will be automatically adjusted in cutting process to achieve the best cutting effect of different thicknesses sheets metal.
4.Servo system
Japan YASKAWA Servo driver and motor                                -With strong power and high precision
Japan Shimpo Reducer                                                           -The world best reducer brand.Used for replace traditional rack and belt,to make machine more powerful and stable
6.High accuracy
Precision cutting
-Which can reach ±0.02mm/300mm

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