Suitable For Cutting Various Metal Pipes

The pipe clamping range is wide, round pipe φ10-φ10, square pipe side length 10*10mm-350mm*350mm. Supports cutting of various shapes of pipes such as I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, oval pipe, waist pipe, multi-deformation pipe, etc.

Automatic loading and unloading device

The side-mounted semi-automatic loading and unloading design reduces the center of gravity and vibration,making cutting more stable and loading and unloading more convenient.

Can longest cut a whole 12m pipe

It supports the cutting of the whole pipe up to 12m,and the load capacity of a single pipe is 1200KG.Three-section bed design makes transportation more convenient.

Upgrade Pipe Cutting Bus System

The system supports high-precision and high-efficiency cutting of square tubes, round tubes, track-shaped, oval and other stretched tubes, as well as angle steel and channel steel.
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