More than 100 sets of laser marking equipment from Magick Laser were delivered to South Korea

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Update time : 2022-10-14 13:21:48
Recently, more than 100 laser marking machines were assembled and dispatched at the Magick Laser Intelligent Production Base, and shipped to South Korea. This is another large-scale centralized batch delivery of Magick Laser, and it is also a strong proof that the quality and quality performance of Magick Laser equipment have been recognized by users.
In recent years, the competition in the domestic equipment market has become increasingly fierce. The good news of Magick Laser's sales is frequent, thanks to the technical precipitation of years of intensive research and innovation of equipment. Magick laser equipment fully deploys the overseas market. With its excellent cutting level of high speed, high precision and high stability, and the technical advantages of precision welding, as well as extremely high cost performance, it is sold well in more than 150 countries around the world,and are well recognized by foreign users.
As a global manufacturer of intelligent laser equipment, Maigck Laser adheres to application-oriented, continuously absorbs advanced manufacturing experience at home and abroad, improves its product research and development capabilities, innovates and develops high-end intelligent processing equipment, and achieves leapfrog in equipment performance and cutting efficiency. Developed, stringent production quality inspection standards enable equipment with reliability and higher performance standards. 
At present, laser equipment is widely used in automotive sheet metal, chassis cabinets, storage equipment, metal products, advertising decoration, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, fitness equipment, elevator accessories, medical equipment, electrical kitchen utensils and other industries.
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