How to choose the right fiber laser cutting machine

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Update time : 2022-08-17 11:31:45
Because there are many kinds of fiber laser cutting machines in the market, each type of fiber laser cutting machine has its own scope of application
1. Determine your own cutting requirements and scope.
2. Determine the size of the laser power.
3. Selection of important accessories of laser cutting machine.
4. After sales service of the manufacturer.
Fiber laser cutting machines can be roughly divided into the following categories, one is a single table laser cutting machine, one is an interactive laser cutting machine, and the other is a laser tube cutting machine. When choosing a fiber laser cutting machine, you must choose it according to your actual use. Before choosing a fiber laser cutting machine, You must fully understand your actual usage and be clear on which type of fiber laser cutting machine you should choose.
If you mainly process flat materials, choose a single platform laser cutting machine. If you mainly process pipes, then directly choose a tube laser cutting machine. If both sheets and pipes are involved, then choose a plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine.
When purchasing a laser cutting machine, users should combine the three aspects of brand, power and after-sales service to make a choice. In addition to having a good reputation, an excellent laser cutting machine manufacturer should also have more laser cutting machines with different powers to allow customers to choose equipment according to their own needs. In addition, considering the use of equipment, good after-sales service is also It is very important that customers will feel a better product operation experience.
Magick Laser is a professional laser equipment manufacturer, providing you with one-stop service, you only need to state your needs, we can recommend a suitable fiber laser cutting machine for you, and we have a professional after-sales team for you on-site Installation and debugging, if there is any problem during use, we will have professional after-sales service 7*24 hours for you.
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